Sensual Masseuse
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My name is Monika, I am Spanish but have spent 5 years in the US. For the past four years I was living in New York working as a professional sensual masseuse. I loved New York, but my heart was back in Europe, especially London. I arrived back in this amazing city in Winter 2017 and immediately started to seek out a professional practice that would fit my ethos in giving sensual body work. Coming across Colin was fantastic since the philosophy Colin has of sexuality, intimacy, and sensuality, and particularly his beliefs on the importance of sensual massage for well-being, resonated with me so well. After contacting him and then training with Colin, I joined his staff to offer my unique style of sensual massage to you.

Already I have started after 3 years in West London... Please book in advance thank you.  

I am naturally supple and rhythmic and this is what I bring to my sensual massage. I like to give a good massage that works the muscles of your body, but at the same time, I like to nurture, tease, and entice you to full arousal. I am totally comfortable with my own sexuality and enjoy taking someone on a journey of erotic fulfillment. Receiving a well-given sensual massage is, I believe, one of the most pleasurable experiences a person can have. This is why I take the time to understand your likes and boundaries, your motivations and your pleasurable spots on your body. I use my hands, my body, and my mind to explore. I love to give, and I love to see you receive, but at the same time I know that to make it a fulfilling experience you also may need to feel close and intimate with me. The photographs in my profile were taken very recently and are a true description of me.

The massages I offer are of five types:

Outcall: 180£  

Pampa: Swedish, deep tissue, relaxing 140£ 60 minutes 

Formosa: Body to Body 160£ 60 minutes

Sta Fe: The intimate exploring tease. The intention of this massage is to take you on both a sensual and erotic adventure : 200£ 75 minutes.

Buenos Aires multifaceted wild & intense but caring with a big friendly heart : 250£ 60 minutes